Absurdity at its finest

Here is a prime example of deception coming from the right. The rationale behind this article is to mention as many buzz-phrases as possible (Obama, healthcare, 7 million losing insurance coverage) and instantly you’ll have a fantastic piece of hard-hitting journalism providing thorough analysis. Well, Washington Times, your commentators may not be able to read through the lines but hand this article to anyone with an education and minimal knowledge of “obamacare” and its obvious the true villains are the companies opting to pay penalties to the government instead of continuing to provide health care to their employees. These companies are discreetly rejoicing because they can now use “obamacare” as an explaination when employees ask why their health coverage has been cut, when in fact the reason is nothing more than a desire for higher profits. I have nothing against a desire for higher profitability, that is the goal of business. However, blaming Obama here is simply not accurate, short of saying that this health care law has provided the wool for companies to pull over the average American’s eyes. The choice for business here is simple- provide employees with health coverage and overhead costs remain the same OR opt to pay the penalty instead and cut overhead, and from a rational, profit-maximizing perspective the latter is the clear choice. 

Point is, this article is misleading.


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